Meet the team

A photo of the Siren Smoke Alarms team

About 30 something years ago on a balmy Sydney evening, founding members Brian Ross and Kevin Sorsa met on a muddy soccer field. It was true friendship at first sight.

Then along came Andrea, who had zero soccer skills, but did have a sense of adventure and a persuasive nature which led Brian and Andrea overseas to experience the amazing life and culture of Mexico, Thailand and the UK.

Kevin’s sense of adventure also took hold, which fortunately led him to meet Gabriela who was cruising from Rome to New Orleans. This was just the start of their action-packed journey around the world, which ended with a proposal and a wedding!

Brian Ross installing a smoke alarm on a ceiling

Fast forward through four successful and varied careers (that combine to cover all aspects of our business), two children and many adventures … and we are once again living in the same city.

Siren Smoke Alarms was born out of our desire to combine our business and life experiences to create a boutique local company offering a personalised smoke alarm installation and maintenance service whilst educating clients on the importance of smoke alarms and how they really do help to save lives.

By sticking to our core business (a key to our success) and not becoming ‘one of the big guys’, we are able to commit to serving our clients with an honest, affordable, personalised and professional service, backed up by Brian’s 20+ years in the electrical industry.